10/21/2024 BOD MEETING




Shelley Johnson, William, Swagler, Ken Hellijas, Ed Milkiewicz, John Rockwood, Jim Carmody, Mark Charpentier, Bob Samuelson, Jim Greeley, Jim McCarrick, Tom Delisle, Bob Sommerfield, Linda Bates, Dan Bates,Dick Leggett, Ray Nolan, Bob Hughes, David Leibig, Don Hillman, Charles Lamb


Meeting was called to order at 9 AM with the Pledge.


President to address BOD:

– People are not getting back to Ken concerning attendance for the BOD

Meetings. Asking for some ideas of how the President can change this to

improve communication.

– Addressed the fact that if there are issues, please direct concerns to the

current President.

 Discussion (Air your Concerns):

– Bob Hughes brought up concerns regarding Election of Officers. No one is

aware of the different Committees and what the qualifications are. Missed

June 30th deadline.

– Motion made for Bob Hughes(Chairperson of the Election Committee)

and the Election Committee to come up with a plan to get the election of

officers back on track per the bylaws. Deadline to have names and election

at the April BOD Meeting. Current members of the Committee are Bob

Hughes, Bonnie Hughes, Jim Carmody and John Stansfield.

– John Rockwood (1st)

– Don Hillman (2nd)

Motion made

– Letter of Resignation received from Walt Andrews.

– Bob Hughes brought up some concerns.


July 2023 Board Directors Meeting minutes read with appropriate changes made.

– Motion made to accept minutes

Dick Leggett Sr. (1st)

Bob Sommerfield (2nd)

Motion Carried




– Received a letter from Emily Thompson. Bob has received and has incomplete information.

– Received one from Dawn Murphy is going to Deamin College to be a Vet Tech. She no longer has a professor to get a reference letter


-Zachary Isaman sent a letter of reference. Majors in Environmental Resources Engineering at SUNY ESF in Syracuse. His Uncle is Dana Isaman.

– Ethan Hurd is going to college for the Department of Environmental Conservation. Father was a director for years.


Finance & website:

– Ray Nolan reports that an application has been sent for a renewal for the

501C6. Waiting on approval.

– By-law changes have been approved. Ray will update this on the website.

Motion made for the amended By-laws to be posted on the NYSTA website

by our next BOD meeting on 01/20/2024

Shelley Johnson (1st)

Don Hillman (2nd)

Motion Carried


– Questions on the President’s reports being put on the website. This will be on the website by November 15th.


– Milkie called LPL concerning investing.


– Per Ray. Letter to go out to all the affiliates, explaining the rules and regulations concerning their paperwork.


Fundraising & Convention & Rhondy report: given by Bill Swagler

– See handouts regarding Calendar, Convention and Fundraising checking accounts.

Contact your Director or County Rep. for copies of the handouts.


– Motion made to send Thank You Card out to Mike Talbot and Dale Stockton

Shelley Johnson (1st)

John Rockwood (2nd)


Trappers Camp:

Don Hillman

– Both camps had a total of 38 kids. Going to try to run a 3rd Camp(Pack Forest) next year. Catches were low for camps this year.

– Some suggestions from Jim McCarrick: Suggestion of advertising a bit more. Rewarding some of the mentors. Recognition to mentors. Try to update applications earlier.

– Motion made to have mugs made for all the mentors in appreciation.

Dave Leibig (1st)

Jim Carmody (2nd)

Motion Carried



Jim Carmody

– Changed the name of Furbearers Unlimited (FBU) to Nation Trappers Foundation.. John Daniel is President.



Carl Fancher (absent)



Given by Linda Bates

– 568 general/family members

– 393 lifetime members (receive trappers post) about 620 (with the ones do

not receive)

– 50 basic members

– Discussed with Charlie Lamb that the Elite Seminar will offer a drawing again next year for new members that sign up as a new membership.

– Linda to purchase NYSTA membership letters that are already printed out and submit receipts.

JTI: John Rockwood received email from Tim Pyszczynski.


– 7N (Charlie Lamb) – oswego convention went well

– Region 6 (Don Hillman)- concerns with the incident that happened in New Hartford.

– Region 5S (Paul Johnson)- absent

– REGION 5N (Robert Sommerfield) – nothing major. St Lawrence trappers still are discussing folding.

– Region 8S (Steuben) Bob Hughes- not too much to report. Thanks to the executive board for sponsoring the Retirement party for Dave Miller.

– 7S Ray Nolan- Cortland County Trappers remain active with Trapper Ed classes. Their annual Sportsman’s Day attendance was a bit less than last year’s. Fur prices may be a part of that.

– Region 7S (Dan Bates) – nothing to report

– Region 4E (Tom Delisle)- Junior Assemblyman Scott Bendett (107th District) was in attendance at the Mid Hudson Meeting.

– Columbia County Rep (Dick Leggett) nothing to report

– Region 8N (Bob Samuelson) – Nothing to report

– Region 8S (Steuben County) – Bob Hughes- nothing to report

– 9N Jim McCarrick (Erie)- Completed Rushford summer camp. Erie trappers did their fair. About 28 trappers participated.

Letter of intent from Joseph Frentz for a county representative for Orleans County.

Motion made to except Joseph as County Rep for Orleans

Tom Delisle (1st)

Don Hillman (2nd)

– Region 3 Mark Charpentier- nothing going on. Rockland and Orange are still very active. NY Elite Seminar went well. They had 28 students. Mark will be handing over the reins to Charlie Lamb for the Elite Seminar.


Jim Greeley

– Unable to make the fall meeting. Middleburg meeting will be on April 6, 2024.


Executive Director:

Dave Leibig

– Not a lot of things going on.

– New bill that permits those that possess a pistol permit will not have to

have a background check



– Should have a date for the next meet and greet at the next BOD meeting.

– Request for a donation to donate Delaware County Federation for using the shooting station at the Convention

Bill Swagler (1st)

Jim Carmody (2nd)

Motion carried



Tim Pyszczynski (Furbearer Biologist)

– Bobcat project in Region 6,7,8 and 9. They are looking for 4 adult Bobcats to collar and track. Bobcat management plan has been passed on to the executive staff to look at the plan. Hoping to be out for public view by the New Year.

– Otter management plan is still being worked on. Anticipation date is next summer.

– Fisher surveys- trying to get trapper’s preference. Waiting on survey’s from Cornell. Pushing for next Fall.

– Beaver nuisance permits are skyrocketing- more likely going to a self service issue system that will be done online.

 TREASURER REPORT: See handouts: contact Treasurer for handouts.

– Increase CD rate up in February.

– Concerns with why deposit for the convention was not deposited until 09/18.

– Motion to accept treasurer’s report.

Charlie Lamb (1st)

Jim Carmody (2nd)

Motion Carried



– Presented Dick Leggett the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Convention.

– Bill Bailey was presented with Inside Vendor Appreciation.

– Erie County was presented with the Affiliate of the year.

– Discussion of Compensation for the person that runs the Convention.

– Discussion on ways to get help at the Convention to relieve the stress off of Bill. To be brought up at the Fundraising Committee.



– Letter read from Dave Miller, thanking everyone for the Retirement Party. Also Commended Jim Greeley for his work with the NYS Conservation Council and NYSTA.

– Letter of intent from Joseph Frentz regarding County Representative of Orleans County.

Motion made to except Joseph as County Rep for Orleans

Tom Delisle (1st)

Don Hillman (2nd)

-discussion on the issues Vermont is having concerning hunting and


– Curtis Lumber donated lumber for the kids’ activities at the convention.

Tom Delisle is asking to get a plaque, thanking them. Motion made :

Don Hillman (1st)

Dave Leibig (2nd)

Motion Carried

– Discussion to have the Meetings notes approved before leaving the

current meeting, so we can have the notes approved on the NYSTA website.

Motion made by Dave Leibig

Dave Leibig (1st)

Don Hillman (2nd)

Motion Carried

Adjournment 4:24


Meeting called to order at 4:30 pm

Minutes of the 10/21/2023 BOD meeting were read with appropriate changes made and approved.

Motion to accept Minutes

CharlieLamb (1st)

Don Hillman (2nd)

Adjourned at 4:55 pm.